One K

The Weekly Sleeze
This Week! Dirk Manley Caught in the Act!

Source: Blog post on the Sleezer Network, a tabloid website focused on entertainment news and scandal.
Date: January 21, 1000

Welcome Sleezers! This is Madame J with your weekly dose of gossip, fornication and all the other good parts of life.

My hot scoop for this week – Dirk Manley, the “Western Wilds” television show star and purveyor of amazing abs, has been seen out and about in Downtown Chicago at several hot parties. His fiancĂ©, Annita Vines, was suspiciously absent, and my sources tell me that Dirk was spotted heading up to the room of financier wunderkind Bernard Bentley. Sounds like Mr. Manley has been getting a whole new kind of wild!

I’m paying two grand for any pictures any of my little Sleezers may happen to pick up on their Cyberdecks. Keep on the lookout!

That’s it for now – hopefully I’ll have some more scoops and juicy vids for you next week.


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