Thomas R. Harrison, Security Specialist with Cerulean Industries




Your name does not matter, for you will have many.
Where you call home does not matter, for you will have many.
What your job is does not matter, for you will have many.
Your reward does not matter, for you will have many.
Who you kill does not matter, for you will kill many.

-Unknown, Viper Class 001, 989

Viper was raised in the devastating aftermath of the Psionic Wars that plagued the Confederacy under Arcturus Mengsk. Born to surviving members of the New Psionic Army, he was raised in one of the many internment campus that housed such refugees. With the emerging mutations after the_ Black Out_, and the formation of the new governments and mega-corporations, the once heinous and cruel camps became communes and safe havens for those with Awakened Genes.

When he reached the age of 13, he was sent away to one of the training sites in order to hone and focus upon his Psionic skill. Quickly he showed great promise in manifesting Psionic Energy in the physical world, with limited aptitude in telekinesis and telepathy. He passed evaluations quickly, increased his scores in telekinesis and was promptly promoted to a battle school 2 full years ahead of other candidates.

At the age of 15, he joined combat class Cobra; specializing in stealth, espionage and combat-orientated Psionics. Tactics and combat were not the only things taught—history of famous Psions, Shinra, the Psionic Wars and the NPA were all covered from multiple perspectives and point of views. The classes instilled both a sense of honor and respect for Psions in a world that, in vast majority, hated and feared them.

Viper excelled in his class, stealth and close quarters combat coming to him as easily as manifesting a Psiblade. With some of the highest marks, and catching the eye of an instructor or two, he was recommended to an experimental class meant for independent special operations targeted specifically against the growing numbers of runners— Viper.

Once deployed, Viper was the 7th member of the first class, working with mentors individually and deployed in Paris working for various employers and commanding top dollar. After many successful missions, and a positive reaction from almost all the students in the Viper class, many were brought in to work security and protect different assets for the NeoShinra corps. Viper was no exception, and gladly accepted a position with Cerulean Industries in Chicago as a Security Specialist in the year 995.

Over the last 5 years, Viper has grown close to only two people. Mr. Ryan, his contact within the company, assigns him work and pays handsomely for each job completed. He also serves to connect Viper to other handlers, clients and the occasional Runner. The other is Dr. Maranda Flass, Viper’s general doctor. Although he does not know much about her, he holds a special affinity for her, often seeking her advice on questions of morality, justice and life.

At the turn of the century, Viper finds himself living in an upscale flat, living simply for the Run. Although not a Runner, per se, Viper finds himself attracted to the idea; living life off grid, bolting from shadow to shadow and being paid handsomely to do so. Amongst the chaos of night, drowning within the madness of the world and fighting beyond his limits, Viper finds solace. This is what he was made to do.