System and Character Creation - Out of Character

Short and sweet (since my in-character history was a mile long.) It was fun making it though.

  • Game is based on the Shadowrun system. As we played it and I looked more, I don’t think I need to house-rule too much if at all to make it fit.
  • Characters are created at Normal level (as opposed to n00b or Superpowered level – forget what the formal names are haha)
  • You can pick different races on your prioritization grid, but they aren’t actually a ‘different’ race. Instead, they are people who are affected more or less greatly by the Alpha Strand and Omega Strand mutations
  • Magic, Adept, and Technomancer are all allowed and are flavored as different expressions of Psy. I haven’t looked at every piece and part of the magic rules, so if there is something weird that wouldn’t really be explained by psyonics in those rules, we’ll hand-wave it somehow.

As with 950, you have one choice to make – where do you start? Your options are:

  • Chicago
  • Paris
  • Beijing

You can start together or you can start apart. Either way, we’ll figure it out :)

Happy Ten Year anniversary of the destruction of the space station and the defeat of Rufus. We are old.

System and Character Creation - Out of Character

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